Spiny Babbler

Spiny Babbler works with - the arts, - education, and - knowledge management to make positive impact on human lives.


Evolution envisions educated human beings that have

  • greater perception and wakefulness,
  • wider intellectual-physical-emotional horizons,
  • life opportunities and existential values beyond the imagination and ability of those of us who are the output of yesteryear’s distinguished education.

While giving each ward the love, care, attention, and support they deserve, the effort understands that wards need to develop patience, discipline, and character that allows them to achieve a fulfilling life. As each individual is different, special, and filled with countless possibilities, the project aims to place before wards wider intellectual-physical-emotional horizons and strengths.

Spiny Babbler Evolution will help its wards achieve a state of education where greater perception and wakefulness allow them to find existential values beyond the capacity of those who have been processed by the present day education system. Evolution spreads roots deep inside conservative educational content and approaches while drawing strength from preeminent global practices in effective instruction techniques and curricula. It offers

  • Small, personalized classes and learning groups.
  • Head teacher and the school secretary take charge.
  • Research unit seeks, shapes, structures learning that cultivates the mind, strengthens the body, and nourishes the spirit.
  • Creative subject specialists and teachers assure quality and exploration is maintained as envisioned.
  • Care providers (teachers) assure learning goals are achieved and monitor wards to maintain education levels.

The Team

Its educators are well established in their fields. Languages are supervised by Pallav Ranjan who is an appreciated writer. Social sciences are supervised by B. Sapkota who is an education specialist. Fitness and the outdoors is supervised by Dipak Maharjan who is Nepal’s 10-time heavyweight boxing champion. The arts are supervised by Dhana Gurung, one of Nepal’s rare shahnai players. They are supported by full time staff and volunteers.


The education bionetwork (incorporated 30 December 1983) offers specialty education. It is licensed to provide preschool to grade 10 education. Students from around the world, the best schools of Nepal, as well as those deprived and suffering poverty take advantage of the education offered through short- and long-term involvement. Evolution is registered with ward no. 2 of Lalitpur sub-municipality (registration number 598/2cha), Department of Education (code number 25-207-0073), Inland Revenue Department (PAN 302-539-800), and the Company Registrar’s Office (registration number 21002).