About Spiny Babbler

Named after a bird species considered extinct for 106 years and rediscovered in the Rara region by S. Dillon Ripley, Spiny Babbler works with the arts, education, and knowledge management. Its logo is that of a baman dwarf - also considered Barun, the water god - and is carved in stone under a stone water spout at the fourth century Gum Vihar complex northeast of Kathmandu. Throughout its existence, Spiny Babbler has invested significant emotion, intellect, and financial resource into its work and tried to deliver the best and finest to the institutions, individuals, and products that it works with. Pallav Ranjan founded Spiny Babbler in 1991 and leads its 3 legal entities.


  1. A not-for-profit (incorporated 4 September 2004) works to make positive impact on human life through the use of the arts, education, and communication. It is registered with ward no. 15 of Kathmandu Municipality, District Development Committee and the District Administration Office (registration number 79/061/62); Inland Revenue Department (PAN number 302-141-087); and Social Welfare Council (affiliation number 16651).
  2. An education bionetwork (incorporated 30 December 1983) offers specialty education through high school, preschool, and club. Students from around the world, the best schools of Nepal, as well as those who are deprived take advantage of the education offered through short- and long-term involvement. It is registered with ward no. 2 of Lalitpur sub-municipality (registration number 598/2cha), Department of Education (code number 25-207-0073), Inland Revenue Department (PAN 302-539-800), and the Company Registrar's Office (registration number 21002).
  3. Outreach and Communication Center (incorporated 18 December 2003) offers professional documentation, knowledge management and outreach material packaging services in the content, print, web, and full HD film media to international development organizations in Nepal. It is registered at ward no. 15 of Kathmandu Municipality, Inland Revenue Department (PAN 302-539-800), and the Company Registrar's Office (registration number 26352).

Spiny Babbler efforts in the arts, education, and communication have spanned across six continents and reached deep into some of the most remote areas of Nepal. It has crossed the gender, ethnic, economic, education, creative, and technical divides and its work has been effective, inclusive, and appreciated.


I feel proud that an organization like Spiny Babbler is operating from my city.
- Buddhi Raj Bajracharya, mayor, Lalitpur

Spiny Babbler is among those attempts that I appreciate the most.
- G.P. Koirala, prime minister of Nepal

As culture and religion form our national identities, the importance of presentations such as the one Spiny Babbler has made - in English, Nepali, Newari, and Sanskrit - cannot be understated.
- Swami Prapanacharya, religious leader and scholar

This novel contributes something new to the field of Nepalese literature. The totality of the aspirations, ambitions and struggles of real people like a driver, shopkeeper, and land transaction official have been captured successfully.- Govinda Bahadur Malla "Gothaley"

I believe that this form of alternative cinema can start a new wave of filmmaking in our country. This film can be the new chapter in the history of Nepalese films.- Tulsi Ghimmire, filmmaker

There is very little songwriting of this style in Nepal. Because the songs are different from those that are commonly heard, proper absorption and commitment are required to delight in them.
- Kali Prasad Rijal, songwriter

A well-made docudrama based on ground reality. Its story, characters, sets, issues, and solutions are very realistic. It can make a difference to people in villages, their day-to-day lives.
- Yadav Kharel, actor and director