Whether you are disseminating information at the government planning level, international donor level, using mass media such as print and video, or approaching the grassroots level, Spiny Babbler knowledge center has the capacity to deliver knowledge products and programs efficiently. Spiny Babbler has prepared material for presentation and dissemination among government leaders, global multi-lateral agencies, and also for village children, women, the elderly.

Language complexity and simplicity, standardized key words and expressions, cultural and racial sensitivities, and ease of access of expression and imaging are considering when disseminating messages and knowledge programs and products. Whether it is a one-on-one approach, sharing at meetings or workshops, or sharing before the mass, Spiny Babbler knowledge center has taken on the challenges before a rural as well as international audience.

Localization of output, use of colloquial expressions or globalization of content and neutralization of contentious issues, Spiny Babbler has used traditional, mainstream as well as alternative media to reach out to its audience to gather information, to assess situations, and to deliver clear messages.