Outreach and Communication Center

Incorporated 18 December 2003, OCC draws its roots from editorial services that was established in 1994 to fund Spiny Babbler activities. The center offers professional documentation, knowledge management and outreach material packaging services in the content, print, web, and full HD film media to international development organizations in Nepal. It is registered at ward no. 15 of Kathmandu Municipality, Inland Revenue Department (PAN 302-539-800), and the Company Registrar’s Office (registration number 26352).

The center has helped prepare nationally and internationally praised print, web, alternative, and video/animation material. Its work involves identifying and targeting specific audiences and assuring that products are appropriate through testing and improvement. It has special strength in researching, testing, designing, and producing material involving new technologies.

Involved in the change from printing in places such as Bangkok and Singapore to printing in Kathmandu. The entry of the world wide web in Nepal, www.spinybabbler.org being among the first websites in the country: selected site of the year twice, ranked top among sites for wood work internationally, and being the only site to be given five stars by the Nepali Times review at the time.

The center also tested and experimented technicalities in 3-D animation (Studio Max as well as Maya) since 2001, digital video and sound. Here are some recent activities taken of the the Outreach and Communication Center.

  • Search for Common Ground and Outreach and Communication Center have proceeded with the implementation of the UN Women knowledge roduct preparation and production effort that will last from April 2015 to March 2016 as per the contract signed on 3 April 2015.

  • Research for International Labor Organization (ILO) takes the team to Kavre, Sindhuli, and Ramechhap. Best practices of Gender Responsive Recovery for Sustainable Peace project are documented in the form of words and photographs.
  • Research: Across eight districts for European Commission funded Youth Engage
    (a project run by Search for Common Ground to decrease violence amongst young people in Central and Eastern Nepal Terai) resulted in 1 consolidated report and 8 extensive youth violence district profiles in English and Nepali. 2015. View samples.

  • Spiny Babbler works with Helvetas SSCU on the production of information material on how Nepalese experts are working across the world from Brunei, Cambodia, Burundi to Somalia to deliver suspension bridges to hard to access communities.
  • Evaluation of Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom funded radio project that has completed five years on air. Search for Common Ground. 2014
  • Research: Across five districts, young people and their relations with the police is studied and the stories published as I Learn to Trust in English and Samjhana ra Umanga in Nepali. 2014
  • Young people from 12 schools of Kathmandu address lives of 5 million children lost around the world every year through music, film, poetry, art, research and interaction with decision makers. Save the Children. 2013
  • Documentary The Peace Film, on peace building and reconciliation featuring 5 programs across the country, Nepal Peace Trust Fund. 2012
  • GIZ documentary Voices of the Silent Half on gender issues featuring people of some of the most remote areas of Nepal, communication material including video, publication. 2012
  • Ministry of Local Development-UDLE urban development organization documentary Cities of Hope on participatory learning, communication material including video, publication. 2009
  • German development cooperation GTZ’s participatory development in rural areas program documentary Taking Charge on participatory learning, communication material including video, publication.
  • Three 30-minute docu-dramas: Driver, Pasalni Galli, Due Haat Jamin, prepared for ARD Inc. 2007
  • 3-d animation, video combination movie Seven Wonders of Kathmandu for UNICEF Nepal.
  • Build Homes, Build Hopes documentary for Habitat for Humanity in Nepal.
  • SNV/Netherlands Consulate, 25 year celebration, communication material production: including print and audio-visual media. Publication of 350 page+ book on 13 years of development research after organizing, shortening, illustrating, designing.
  • Goreto Nisafko a 100+ minute video film aired four times over national television and acclaimed by industry leaders. Producers: UNDP, Nepal government.
  • Assessment of World Neighbor’s activities ranging over three years in the Sarlahi District. Assignment of enumerators, quantitative and qualitative data filtering, rewrite for publication, designing, publishing.
  • UNICEF ROSA’s groundbreaking manual on Violence Against Women and Girls in South Asia.
  • UNDP’s groundbreaking Gender Manual for use in South Asia in English as well as Nepali. Text organization, sketches, layout, publication.
  • ICIMOD’s Women of the Himalayas documenting concerns of 300 women from six countries regarding natural resource management as well as several other efforts. Content management publication of book with text, design and 24 related paintings.
  • German technical assistance GTZ Nepal’s corporate information dissemination material including presentations, leaflets, etc. since 1996.

Swiss Development Cooperation, Helvetas, The Mountain Institute, Asia Foundation, Lutheran World Federation, Lumanti, NGO Fund Project, Small Business Promotion Project among other organizations supported.