Volunteer Program

The mandate of the program is to involve youth in matters related to the arts, education, and knowledge management. They take part in research, workshops, festivals, plays, musical performances, teaching and planning and discussion.

Spiny Babbler emphasizes the importance of including the arts, education, and knowledge management as an important part of life at every level of Nepal's society. It has run programs with people at risk, educational institutions, communities, international audiences, artists, and festivals. It is frequently necessary to form partnerships with other organizations related to these programs, giving volunteers the opportunity to work in association with them.

Volunteer Involvement

There were at one time 90 youth involved in the volunteer programs. Some were studying in grade eight while others were doing doctorate level research. They help keep Spiny Babbler fresh and young. They take part in workshops and training at Spiny Babbler that they can apply while at work in the field. Volunteers are involved in annual festivals, the multi-national program, and the high-priority area dealing with the underprivileged, as well as the support creators program and the exchange program. They bring into play the arts, education, and knowledge as a medium to make positive impacts on human lives.

Volunteer Requirements

Spiny Babbler is looking for a minimum commitment from Nepalese volunteers of six months to a year. And a minimum commitment from international volunteers of three months, five months is preferable. They should be able to support themselves financially and have an understanding of the physical and mental demands of living in Nepal. Decent Nepali food and a single room will cost $100 per month. They need to have an active interest in the arts and be willing to contribute a significant amount of time and energy to their work.

Nepalese volunteers are encouraged to independently organize programs in their own schools and in the community to generate awareness of people about the arts, quality education, and knowledge management. Spiny Babbler will provide technical and advisory assistance to volunteers who take it upon themselves to be independent leaders. We help them improve communication skills and practice creative thinking. Providing a helping hand in Spiny Babbler will give a great experience to volunteers.

Sign up Information

If you have questions, or if you wish to contact the volunteer coordinator, write to admin@spinybabbler.org