Science and Technologies


  • Wards fish, process food, gut and clean game, collect wood and leaves and see much. One trip in Begnas saw catches of 7 different fish species. They inspect internal as well as external structures of their catches and collections and research, think, compare, and analyze. The fitness program integrates learning of muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, cardio-vascular systems. Interactions take them to hospitals, advanced laboratories and bring them in contact with doctors, scientists, and professionals.


  • Wards’ lives are impacted by what they study in physics. They can see the applicable side of concepts, theories, and laws that they learn. Audio-visual material backed up by real-life action and/or linkage allows them to clearly understand sophisticated ideas. When opportunities allow, they apply what they have learned. Complex and essential learning can be made enriching and fulfilling especially when they visit and view and interact and question and explain.


  • Key concepts and critical ideas in chemistry are exciting and enthralling when tested and experimented, seen visually and explained in terms of actual application. The discoveries and the personalities, their impact upon world cultures and future possibilities, chemistry and its inter-linkage with biology and the universe when shared effectively impact how our people approach their daily life.

Applied Science

  • Hardware, Software installation, Typing (Nepali & English), Shortcuts and Accurate Pointing Device Usage, Designing and Editing for Web-Print-Audio-Video, and Programming are areas that our wards will explore. They will keep abreast of changing technologies and new developments while assuring that their learning is relevant to the lives they live through the use of Applied Science.