Seasonal Offerings

SEASONAL Offerings

Spring . Summer . Autumn (Dasain-Tihar break) . Winter . Special needs

Qualitative packages featuring art, music, fitness, processing, and outdoors (nature or culture exposures) also integrate overnight stays and offer a lot of fun and learning for young people during holiday breaks. Please review the offerings on specific components above. Also, if homework has been assigned for the holidays, we separate 1 hour of each day to revise and review academic work so that young people do not go back to school over a long gap during which they have gone back on their academic progress.

Daily Fun and Learning

  • Music: Instrument practice, singing, sharing of music, movements, ideas
  • Art: Technical work, exhibition work, sharing of quality art, artist, movement
  • Fitness: Skipping, running, pushups, squats, crunches, and more. Swimming/gymnastics as add ons.
  • Processing: Books, movies, conversations, writing of creative or critical material.

Weekly must haves

 A book we share, an outdoors visit, a must-watch movie, a science experiment, a visitor. Nature, culture, social responsibility, the arts, physical development, and intellectual growth round up our program. Whether from Japan, China, Australia, US, Canada or Nepal, our programs are well appreciated. Specialized age appropriate camping trips are organized. Spiny Babbler: Evolution has more than a decade of experience working with young people and has implemented several projects as well as programs for their care and development.

Holiday involvements lead to qualitative art exhibitions and performances. Previous efforts have been covered by the national media and have been well appreciated by professional in respective fields. Shows include innovative products like sculpture, pot painting, glass art, as well as work in oil, acrylic on paper and canvas. Visit our Facebook pages provided below to learn more.

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Fees involved: Rs. 1000 for a day and Rs. 18000 for a month with extra transportation cost. Lnch and afternoon snacks are served.

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