Our Work

Our Team

Pallav Ranjan has been involved in development research, documentation, analysis, management, and packaging in multiple media formats for 25 years.

Bhagwati K. Sapkota, a learning and outreach specialist, has a degree and a license to practice education and has been a school principal for a decade. She has a background in packaging knowledge for development organizations.

Terry Miller, a professor of law, also has a master’s from Columbia University teaching educators. She has extensive experience working with youth and learning.

Dr. Charles Norris-Brown, has a PhD in sociology and social anthropology. Involved in development, postdoctoral learning has brought him to Nepal, India, Borneo, Appalachia and Canada.

Sushma Bajracharya worked as a development leader for over 30 years. She has projects and programs related to peace, children, income generation and also has skills in monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Bronwyn Sims is a Lecturer in Acting at Yale School of Drama. She has appeared in film and on television including in the Emmy award winning first season of The Sopranos. She has taught at University of New Hampshire, University of Florida, Marlboro College and other places.

Randy Grodman of Switzerland, has led international development projects in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and has a master’s degree in international relations.

Liza Wolsky is a Gestalt therapist who practiced clinical psychology at FIT, New York, among other places. She was previously an editor at Pantheon Books, Random House.

Surendra Prajapati is the winner of the WWF Nepal’s short film competition. A 2D and 3D computer generated imaging specialist and video editor, he has a degree in the fine arts.

Bas Stoffelson has a master’s degree in business from the University of Groningen (RUG), Netherlands. Press and communication officer for the Socialist Party in the Dutch Parliament, he works with high end imaging using still and video including multi-year timelapse projects.